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Let’s Talk About Insulation

Insulation is not typically a hot topic for discussion, as it is out of sight, out of mind; however, it is one of the most important home products. And, it reaps the most benefits. Home insulation will protect your home, your climate, and your wallet.

After reading this blog you’ll love the benefits of insulation and want to bring the topic up at all your dinner parties. So, let’s talk about the value of insulation.

The Benefits of Home Insulation

Fire Protection

You may think that insulation would actually cause a fire to spread more quickly, and you would be right if your home has antiquated insulation; however, insulation is now fire-retardant. Spray-foam insulation is a popular home insulation choice today, as it can insulate any nook and cranny in your home, and won’t sustain a flame if it does happen to catch on fire. Acting as a first line of defense against fire emergencies, insulation can make the difference in keeping your family safe.

Maintain Even Indoor Temperatures

Insulation acts as a membrane for your home. In winter, insulation keeps cold air out, and warm air in. In summer, insulation keeps hot air out, and cold air in. This gives you the ability to better control your indoor climate. With insulation, your temperature will remain more constant and consistent, positively affecting your utility bill by lowering HVAC use.

Prevent Pests

If you have any holes in your home’s structure, pests can make their way into your space. Installing insulation will block any holes in your walls, preventing pest infestation.

Noise Control

Well-insulated homes have significant noise reduction benefits. Whether your neighbor plays the drums, or you’re the one with the sticks, insulation creates a double-sided sound barrier.

Return on Investment

Installing insulation will save you money in the end. With its ability to maintain indoor temperatures, insulation will lower your air conditioning and heating needs. In the summer, your home will already be drastically cooler than it was before you installed insulation, as it keeps the warm air from infiltrating your space. You will be able to turn your air conditioner off after it’s first cooling cycle, causing exponential savings in energy use and utilities. The same goes for your heating needs in winter. Insulation really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Environmentally Conscious

Insulation reduces energy consumption, as a drop in energy use means a reduction in fossil fuels burned to create that energy. In turn, this cuts down the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere. Do your part to preserve the environment and install insulation today!

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