Roofing Materials for Central Florida Homes Explained

Roofing Materials for Central Florida Homes Explained

Are you needing to choose a roof material for your Central Florida home? With the wide variety of options, it can get confusing and time-consuming. Below, you will find more details about the different roof options you can choose.


This option is usually the most inexpensive but may require re-roofing, as time goes on. If you are looking for the least expensive approach to your new roof, shingles are a great choice. An extra benefit of choosing shingles is that they have many customization options. There are many different kinds of shingles, including asphalt and polymer, to name a select few. Shingles are a great affordable pick to protect your home, while still reducing the Florida heat and humidity.


Metal roofs are commonly considered a middle of the road roof material, both for cost and lifespan. Metal roofing has certainly evolved from it’s early days of simple panels being gusseted down. These days, metal roofing is made from high-quality steel. The strong structure of a steel roof will save you from having to deal with most roof repairs. Metal roofs are also great for reflecting heat off of the home, which is great for the Central Florida climate. A perfect balance of protection and low cost, metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular in Florida.


Tiles are an especially popular choice, especially in central Florida. Facing warm and humid Florida weather, tiles provide a strong foundation for your home’s roof. Tiles are able to last, in most cases, up to 50 years! The cost of tiles will run a little bit more than shingles, but they also require less maintenance over time. Clay tile is one of the most popular roof styles you will see in central Florida. The one drawback to tile roofs is that you won’t want to have anyone up there walking on those tiles, as they can be prone to breakage when walked on.


Finally, we have a slate roof, an increasingly popular choice for the homes that can support it. A concern, when considering a slate roof is the strength of your home’s foundation. A check will have to be done by our professionals to assess if your home is capable of holding this type of roofing. However, for the houses that can hold the weight, slate roofing lasts an extremely long time, upwards of 100 years.

We know that you have a lot of choices when dealing with your roof, and we are here to help you choose the right material. Our experts will work with you to determine your needs and your budget and get you set up with a roof that will las you for years to come.

Your home is one of the most important assets you have, and protecting that asset with a quality roof is extremely important. Contact us at ProFormance Roofing today to begin working with one of our roofing contractor experts. No matter the materials, we have the knowledge to help your roof last for years to come!

replace the roof

Things to Consider when Deciding to Repair or Replace Your Roof

You know your roof takes a beating in the elements, but it’s probably not something you really think about until you’re looking at an expensive roof repair or replacement.

Floridians face special weather circumstances that impact their roofs differently than in other areas of the country. Extreme heat and humidity, torrential rain, and hurricane-force winds can all impact the longevity and stability of your roof. If you believe your roof needs help, but aren’t sure if you need a roof repair or roof replacement, there are things to look for that can help you decide.

Roof Age and History

Knowing the age of your roof is important when it comes time to decide to repair or replace. The lifetime of an average roof is twenty to twenty-five years. By then, the elements have usually done a good job of breaking down materials and leaving you with the potential for leaks, weak spots in the roof’s structure, and deteriorating shingles.

The history of your roof is also an important factor. If the roof has already been patched or has two or more rows of shingles layered onto it, you may need a new roof. It’s generally accepted to have one-to-two layers of new shingles layered over the old. However, continuing to add new shingles on top of the old becomes ineffective at keeping out the elements. It’s always best to have a qualified contractor look at your roof and gauge it’s history if you’re not sure of what’s been done in the past.

Damaged Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common type used in Florida. Did you know that, over time, UV rays from the sun breaks down asphalt shingles? Your shingles may be curling at the edges, cracking, buckling or losing granules. In some cases, damaged shingles can be replaced and still maintain the integrity of the roof.

Leaks, Water Spots or Cracks

The Florida sunshine is great, but chances are, if it’s shining down on you through a crack in your roof, you’re not enjoying it much. Small cracks in your roof that let the elements in can quickly become a more serious problem and should always be addressed with a roofing contractor. In some cases, minor areas of damage can be repaired. But soggy or soft areas on your roof indicate your shingles aren’t doing their job, and rain and moisture have damaged the roof’s structure. Water spots inside your home on the ceiling or upper walls may also be a sign of roof failure.

Take the guesswork out of deciding to repair or replace your roof by allowing the qualified contractors of ProFormance Roofing to help. Our roofing specialists will take careful inspection of your roof and guide you through the best options for fixing what’s wrong. Start with a no-obligation quote, and then take confidence in knowing ProFormance Roofing will walk you through every step from the first meeting, to creating a beautiful, functional roof for your home or business.

Get back to enjoying Florida’s beautiful weather and rest assured ProFormace Roofing has you covered when the elements aren’t so pretty. Serving Clermont and Central Florida, give ProFormance Roofing a call at the first sign of roof trouble, or contact us anytime you have a question.